News Bulletin: 14/03/2017

Small but sweet

randd uk secure a small cash award of £4k for a client of ours based in Birmingham. The amount may not be much but it allows the company to increase it’s R&D activity in the current year, so going forward: projects will be bigger and better !

Visualising £15k for one 3D firm

A Derbyshire-based architectural practice sought to develop a product to meet a void in the 3D visualisation of planned exterior and interior environments. Initially targeted at a client base of national property developers and house builders, the now developed product also has potential utilisation beyond this sector, for example fitting out yachts or motorhomes. Before their link up with randd, they certainly didn’t visualise the close on £15,000 they got back from the R&D Tax Credits scheme.

£149k for Nottinghamshire-based company

We have just had a successful claim for a Nottinghamshire based-manufacturing company in the metals packaging sector for £149k.

Good things come in small packages

randd uk secure a £10k tax rebate for a Manchester logistics company. Only a small amount of tax but to a family-run firm this was a lovely Christmas present! They are using this and other monies to re-invest in new developments, so future years claims will be better.

£230k for Leicestershire-based meat processor

An innovative Leicestershire-based meat processor received a fantastic Christmas gift courtesy of randd uk. They received an R&D Tax Credits payment of over £230,000 for their first ever claim. They’re no turkeys, they came to the right place for helping them maximise their claim. Ham-tastic!

£22k for Worcestershire-based 3D scanning firm

A Worcestershire-based 3D scanning company has received almost £22k in its first R&D Tax Credits claim. The company specialises in finding new applications for 3D technology, working on projects that involve very small items like teeth to huge artwork applications. One of their biggest successes? Scanning the Tax Credits market and teaming up with randd uk!

£43k is harmony to Yorkshire music app developer

A £27,000 award, taking their total to £43,000 has gone the way of a small Yorkshire-based music app developer. Making streamed music easier to share and enjoy together, randd uk has helped this one employee organisation convert an idea into a launched product with R&D Tax Credits at the heart of the progress.

No filters needed on the £33k for Nottingham-based client

Just shy of £33,000 was secured for a long-term Nottingham-based client who specialises in developing ever more innovative ways of using filtration systems in the concrete industry. Making filters last longer, perform better, become cheaper and enable new finished product improvements are the reasons why the company exists and year after year they carry our more and more development as a result of their successfully cemented partnership with randd uk.

Cash injection for Manchester-based company

A Manchester-based, family owned, small engineering company was delighted to have been awarded just over £26,000 for its first ever R&D Tax Credits Claim. The company immediately set to re-invigorate work on a partially completed development, concerning safe methods of loading specific equipment onto passenger aircraft, that they’d had to shelf due to lack of funds. That’s what randd uk’s all about, ensuring even more UK research and development takes place.

£12.5k in cash for Bedford SME

A small volume, specialist plastics engineering firm from Bedford received almost £12,500 from their first R&D Tax Credits claim. With a total turnover of just over £0.5m, the family business fabricates just about anything in plastics, but specialises in leading-edge developments in PCB handling, plus health and safety guarding for optical selection devices used in the food industry. No need to reach for the plastic for a while, the claim all went into the business as cash!

£76k+ for first time client

A specialist gas cylinder engineering company from Nottingham used randd uk for its first R&D Tax Credit claim, and received a welcome £76,000+ back from the scheme. New developments for cylinders used on oil rigs, in the food market and in pharmaceuticals formed the basis of this successful claim.

£185k in total for repeat client

A Lincolnshire-based engineering company have recently benefited from £106k under the R&D tax credit scheme. A repeat client of randd uk, we have helped secure a total £185k for this very happy director.

£81k for family owned company

A Chesterfield-based family owned engineering company has received £32,000 in R&D Tax Credits to add to the £49,000 claimed last year. Improving welding technology was one of the areas they developed innovative solutions in; with over £81,000 now claimed under the guidance of randd uk, our clients can keep soldering along with even more research and development work.

£270+ in tax savings for Black Country-based company

We saved just over £70k in tax for a Black Country-based electrical systems design and development company. Add this to the £200k randd uk has already saved them in previous years!

£250k so far for a regular client

randd uk secure another tax saving for one of our regular clients: this year we’ve saved them £55k. This brings their total tax savings over the past few years up to quarter of a million pounds! As you can imagine, the directors over there are more than happy with our results !

Third time a charm

randd uk helped secure a cash reward of £26k for a West Midlands company specialising in plastics manufacturing.  This is the company’s third successful claim in as many years, securing £86k in total.

Company’s first claim leaves them with £145k in the bank

The development and manufacturer of shop fitting fixtures has seen a Leicestershire-based company awarded almost £145,000 in R&D Tax Credits. Working with randd uk, the company’s first claim is so impressive, they’ll not be shopping around for anyone else to guide them through their future claims.

£51k for a Leicestershire-based engineering company

A Leicestershire-based engineering company that specialises in developing ever improved hard wearing surfaces for use in extremely harsh industries, such as quarrying or glass recycling, has had a successful first R&D Tax Credits claim worth over £51,000. That could prove to be a crushing blow for its competitors, as the company will be able to invest ever more into R&D to maintain their position at the forefront of the wear protection industry.

£34k for a Leicester engineering firm

Based in Leicester, a precision engineer contacted randd uk, who were able to identify areas of the business that involved technologically advanced developments and formulated a first ever R&D Tax Credits claim. To their delight, the company subsequently received just under £34k from the scheme.

First claim a success for small Chesterfield engineering company

A small Chesterfield-based engineering company has received just under £16k from their first ever R&D Tax Credits claim. The firm knew nothing of the scheme until they teamed up with randd uk, who looked at their business and identified a number of qualifying projects, which formed the basis of their successful claim. Are you a SME? Get in touch today and see if you qualify.

Second claim a success for London IT firm

A London-based IT company, experts at integrating worldwide enterprise application software products with end users and their legacy systems, has been awarded almost £30k from their latest R&D Tax Credits claim. Last year they received £43k thanks to randd uk’s guidance.

£70k packaged up for Midlands display firm

randd uk secured a cash reward of nearly £70k for a Midlands-based packaging company. The company also makes bespoke display units for supermarkets and other retail chains, as well as high-street brands. They are not necessarily a large firm, but they have positioned themselves well in developing and manufacturing a product, which the larger chains recognise as being ‘second to none’.

£100k in two years for architectural metalwork firm

randd uk have secured yet another £30k tax savings for our client. The company specialises in bespoke architectural metalwork, and randd has already recovered  £75k for the same company last year, meaning they’ve saved over £100k with us so far.

£100k for another new client

randd uk secured another cash award for another new client. This time nearly £100k over their two year accounting period. The firm develop hardware through new technologies and CAD systems, as well as providing solutions for electronic problems.

£135k for a new client

randd uk have recovered a whopping £135k for a new client, a Derbyshire-based firm carries out specialist engineering and fabrication work. The R&D projects were in the field of offshore oil and gas, and in the nuclear and defence industries.