News Bulletin: 11/11/2018

South Yorkshire company receives £20k

randd uk has secured an R&D tax credit claim for £20k for a company based in South Yorkshire. The company develops and manufactures all types of conventional and bespoke hand tools, from general tooling to specialist woodworking tools, agricultural implements, surgical tools and specialist tooling for food processing.

A further £25K for Leicestershire-based company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £25k for a Leicestershire-based company. They develop and manufacture atmospheric control equipment for industrial, commercial and academic premises and provide full technical backup for their products. Total we’ve now claimed for this client: £113k.

£66K for Northampton company

randd uk has secured an R&D tax credit claim for £66k for a company based in Northamptonshire. The company specialises in the innovative development and manufacturing of high quality plastic components. Some rubber products are made but the main business is in the development of injection mouldings of elastomeric and plastic new products for specialist markets in relatively small volumes. Their work is carried out for sectors including agricultural machinery, truck and off-highway vehicles and the wider automotive sector.

Success again for Mansfield client

A successful claim for over £18,000 takes the total received by a Mansfield-based print-broker to £46,000. Sector leading software development has been at the heart of the claim, handled once again by randd uk.

£20k for Birmingham client

A specialist engineering company that modifies and extends the life of screw-forming machines has received another £9,000 to add to last year’s £11,000 from the R&D Tax Credits scheme. Birmingham-based, the company possesses skills and knowledge that no other UK company can match, their match up with randd uk also showing just how innovative the organisation is.

Cash for Nottingham-based water pump manufacturer

randd uk secures a new cash award for a Nottingham-based water pump manufacturer. They develop, build and install water pumps for a number of industries including agricultural, food sector, main water supply companies and the MoD to name a few. Continuing market developments and changes regarding environmental legislation means the company must find new ways and methods than just traditional pumps.

£50k corporation tax savings for one client

randd uk has saved a client company another £50k+ in corporation tax. That’s nearly £200k over the last couple of years for this company, which develops and manufactures bespoke cage systems across various industries.

£204K for Hampshire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £78k for a company based in Hampshire. The concept of the company is to move both home and business filing into the digital age by providing a paper-free, secure environment in which every important document can be accessed instantly. They will sort, scan, encrypt and upload any form of documentation and place it into a uniquely intuitive and secure online filing system. The company offers such office solutions to both private individuals and corporate clients across a wide range of activities from legal practices to investment and wealth management businesses. Total claimed £204k.

£361k and counting for Yorkshire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £71k for a company based in Yorkshire. The company’s expertise covers mechanical handling and lifting systems, general engineering and fabrications of complete handling systems together, with a variety of specialist steel fabrications. Total claimed: £361k

Another £76k for manufacturing company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £76k for a company based in the South. The company specialises in the manufacturing of precision transmission components for advanced manufactured products. They are focused on the requirements of the Aerospace, Medical, Optical and Precision Instrumentation Industries, with 45% of production exported and with niche expertise in transmission gearing parts for aircraft. Total claimed £142k.

£83k and counting for Chesterfield client

Engineering innovations as diverse as developments in boring bars, developing a furnace to extract metal linings, developing new ways to speed up CNC programming and developing a new brain teasing metal puzzle all went into the mix for a Chesterfield-based company which received £24k this year in R&D Tax Credits, to take their total returns from the scheme to almost £83,000. Nothing boring in the work, no puzzles with the numbers, just solid and full support from randd uk to maximise the claims and carry them through with minimal work from the client.

A further £50K for a regular client

randd uk has secured another cash award of over £50k to one of our regular clients. The company has ongoing software developments in the airline industry. It’s all very ‘up in the air’ technology!

Success for family firm in Liverpool

A family-owned, Liverpool-based industrial immersion heater manufacturer has now topped £50,000 returns from R&D Tax Credits since signing up with randd uk. The relationship between the two companies has really warmed up since the first meeting in 2014.

£72k for a North West company

randd uk has today secured another R&D tax credit claim for £24k for a company based in the North West. They are a specialist electronic document management company that focuses in the creation, production and delivery of business critical documents for corporate organisations. Total now claimed is £72k.

£104K for Yorkshire company

randd has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for £104k for a company based in Yorkshire. The company provides steel section bending and rolling, cutting, weld preparation and welding, with ultrasonic NDT (None Destructive Testing) available as required through specialist subcontractors. The company operate all the necessary quarantine procedures involved in rolling free issue attending plate or the special techniques required to preserve finish on nickel plated aluminium. They are also able to initial pinch, so sheets can be supplied cut to size and weld prepped prior to rolling. In addition they can weld, sub-arc weld, drill and coat with surface finishes as required.

More success for a Nottinghamshire-based client

Strides forward in air-conditioning systems have gained a Nottinghamshire-based client another £19k to take their total R&D Claims to £50k since randd uk became their partner in this area. There’s no blowing hot and cold when it’s time for a new claim, just a consistent and reliable process, just like the company’s air-con solutions.