News Bulletin: 07/05/2017

Successful claim for fuel production company

randd has secured another successful R&D tax credit claim for £96k for a company based in Sussex, which develops and manufactures products for the installation and foundations of offshore oil and gas and wind turbine structures. They have particular expertise in developing innovative ideas into highly reliable and cost effective products for use in the offshore of oil and gas production substructures.

Repeat claim for small CGI company

Brighton-based, this one man CGI company was delighted to receive more than £2000 from its second claim to add to the £9000 plus received from previous claims. Developing ever more ingenious ways to animate, the company is always delighted with the service it receives from randd uk.

More than £9K for sock manufacturer

A high-end sock manufacturer developed a technically new way of shaping socks to ensure a better fit for their hunting, shooting and fishing range. Unaware of the R&D tax credits scheme, the MD was pointed in randd’s direction and the Nottingham-based company pulled its socks up and benefited to the tune of more than £9000.

Good things can come in small packages

randd uk has secured a small (but thoroughly deserved) cash award for technology developer based in rural Derbyshire. This husband and wife team, with a select number of staff, develop products for people with learning difficulties and less-able bodied persons. The solutions they come up with are truly inspiring and ground-breaking; and if at first they don’t succeed they certainly do try and try again, they do not let their people down. At the invitation of their own accountants, randd uk was delighted to step in and help this company out.

£329K for Leicestershire client

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £68k for a company based in Leicestershire, which specialises in the following areas: precision machined components; precision fabrications; small to medium batch production; prototypes; development engineering and assemblies. They have an excellent reputation for quality and reliability in the manufacture of precision machined components, laser profiles, welded fabrications, sheet metal work and mechanical assemblies. Total claimed so far for this client is an impressive £329k.

£68k for Leicestershire client

A sealing company that supplies into the exacting worlds of petrochemicals, semi-conductors, oil & gas, food, motorsport, military and aerospace has been successful in its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Based in Leicestershire, developing ever more complex and efficient seals is the lifeblood of the company. randd uk threw them a fish and the reward for successfully balancing some balls was a whisker over £68,000.

£33k for Lincolnshire lighting firm

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £13k (making £33k total) for a company based in Lincolnshire, which specialises in the creation of dynamic lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors. The lighting solutions are an industry standard for ‘top tours’ and events, grace prestigious theatres, energize nightclubs, and decorate major television studios around the world.

£57K for Leicestershire client

randd has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for £57k for a company based in Leicestershire. They are market leaders in their field, manufacturing and supplying vertical carousel machines that provide an advanced automated answer to storing and indexing. The company specialises in vertical storage carousel machines, with a level of knowledge and expertise in brand name bespoke storage systems, including Kardex, Hanel and Megamat, that is second to none.

£211K for Leicestershire-based client

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £48k for a company based in Leicestershire, making the total claimed for this client to date an impressive £211k. Our client has achieved high standards of excellence in sub-contract engineering, with their principal areas of work remain in the medical equipment and food processing industry, Point of Sale design houses, mechanical handling equipment suppliers, the electrical and electronic systems’ industry and a variety of O.E.M. manufacturers.

Leicestershire-based family SME success

A Leicestershire-based family owned smelting operation has been awarded £78k for its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Increasing the amount of scrap metal used to create high quality products was central to the company’s qualifying development work. randd’s work ensured the claim came good and smelt of roses.

£100K for Berkshire firm

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £100k for a company based in Berkshire. The company provides the MoD, Aerospace, Medical and Commercial industries with paint finishing solutions of the highest quality. They have a wide-range of finishing capabilities, including many wet paint techniques, CARC Coating, RFI Shield Coating, Stove Enamelling, Air Dry, Kephos and Powder Coating, Alocrom 1000, Alocrom 1200, Cadmium Plating, Anodising, Hard Anodising, Electroplating and Phosphating.

Over £200K for Leicestershire firm

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £64k for a company based in Leicestershire, which is at the cutting edge of technology in sheetmetal work fabrication and provides clients with the very best of skilled workmanship and excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Total claimed for this client: £209k.

Precision service for Leicester-based company

A successful claim of £15,000 to add to last year’s £34,000 received is spot on, exact, precisely what was needed and faithfully to specifications for a family owned Leicester-based precision engineering company. Their work needs to be accurate to the micron and once again they’ve worked with randd to meet the strict tolerances of the R&D Tax Credits scheme.

Repeat claim for Leicestershire-based company

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £41k for a company based in Leicestershire which develops and manufactures pneumatic dust and waste extraction and waste separation systems for a number of Material Recycling Facilities (MRF). The total claimed we’ve successfully claimed for this company to date is £135k.

Repeat success for Hampshire-based motion technology company

A Hampshire-based motion technology company has earned a further £20k in R&D Tax Credits claims to add to the £53k previously secured from its partnership with randd uk. Whilst many of its products are developed to move extremely slowly and precisely, its research and development department is moving ahead rapidly thanks to the success of this scheme.

£39K for small Shropshire-based engineering firm

A small Shropshire-based engineering company that specialises in developing one-offs in areas as diverse as chocolate production and defunct military vehicle parts has been awarded £19k to add to its previous R&D Tax Credits claims of £39k.