News Bulletin: 06/12/2018

A further £48K for Leicester-based client

A further £48,000 has been successfully claimed for a Leicester-based jewellery and promotional gift manufacturer. Add that to last year’s first claim of £70k and this specialist producer of highly complex and detailed items has enthusiastically linked into the process that randd uk seeks to make so easy and painless for its clients.

£47K for Northamptonshire-based woodwork machine developer

A first claim for a Northamptonshire-based woodwork machine developer has earned them in excess of £47,000. Specialists in developing lean manufacturing methods for its clients, the claim was PLANE sailing once it SAW randd uk was the ideal partner!

Cheshire company receives £61K

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £61k for a company based in Cheshire. The company specialises in creating investment technology solutions for the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) community through the application of new technology. The in-house developed product was launched to the IFA market with an innovative yet simple technology solution created through a:

  • combination of extensive technology engineering
  • desire to find creative solutions to investment challenges facing advisers and clients today
  • commitment to help IFA’s remain truly independent.

£68k for Hertfordshire media company

A first claim worth almost £68,000 has been awarded to a Hertfordshire-based media company. Developing complex, unique software to control the many print and e-titles in the company’s portfolio was the central thrust of the claim. Initially the company contacted randd uk thinking that a different element of its work could qualify – it didn’t, but a few minutes on the phone was enough for randd’s experts to ascertain that the software development work could qualify. A meeting followed, it was clear that the work carried out was R&D-based and the claim was compiled in quick time. The resulting award is this month’s headline news in the company!

£70K for Derbyshire website developer

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £28k for a company based in Derbyshire, making the total claimed to date over £70k. The company produces quality websites for clients that want to be more successful online. They also have a thriving design team that can add unique, creative flair to company websites, providing standout design, conforming to the latest accessibility standards, featuring online editing of multimedia content to meet clients’ exact requirements.

Company is Formula 1 Nuts!

Engineering precision parts for a variety of industries is at the heart of this Leicestershire-based family owned company. However, they supply just about every team on the F1 grid and have developed all sorts of parts, nuts and bolts included, that whizz round the World at over 200mph. randd uk twisted and turned around the R&D Tax Credits circuit to earn a prize of £33k this year to add to last year’s first claim of £41k that had the company racing off to the bank to pay in the cheque!

£25k for Sheffield-based software developer

A first claim of just under £25k has been awarded to a Sheffield-based software developer. Specialising in technical software that enables reliable, high integrity calculations and data processing, the company calculated that randd uk would be the best partner to handle its R&D Tax Credits application and the partnership proved to be just as reliable as one of its own programs.

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Innovative developments in the desktop publication of newspapers and magazines has earned an Edinburgh-based client almost £42k from the R&D Tax Credits scheme. Last year, randd uk also guided the company to a £22k award to make headline news for this long standing client.

£512K for Leicestershire-based company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £200k for a Leicestershire-based company. The company provides the fullest scope of consultancy, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning for thermal and noise insulation bespoke solutions and volume production for an extensive and broadening range of applications including:

  • Specialist vehicles
  • Industrial noise control and acoustic partitioning and screening
  • Architectural and building products
  • White goods
  • Power generation
  • Railway sector
  • Educational, sport, entertainment and health fields.

randd uk has now claimed £512k for this client.

£12K for South Wales-based company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for almost £12k for a company based in South Wales. The company provides laser-cladding and hardening services for unique and bespoke parts and projects. They can also transport their lasers for use at the client’s site and build custom-made laser-cladding equipment for clients.

£24k for Basingstoke client

Development of modular solutions to building a variety of structures used in many different industries has earned a Basingstoke-based company £24,000 from the latest of many claims handled by randd uk. A long-standing relationship with this client has seen them earn valuable rewards that have enabled ever more research and development work to be undertaken.

Another £18K for Hampshire-based client

A long standing Hampshire-based client has been granted a further £18,000 via the R&D Tax Credits system. Specialising in exacting motion control, selecting randd uk to handle their claims has proved to be spot on.

Second claim success for Chesterfield-based client

A second claim, worth £42,000, takes a Chesterfield-based Audio-Visual company’s total returns from the R&D Tax Credits system to £78,000. Developments in touch screen entertainment systems for pubs and other similar premises were at the heart of the claim.

A further £63k for Staffordshire-based company

randd uk has has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £63k for a Staffordshire-based company. The company develops, manufactures and supplies secure, safe and ergonomic temporary access solutions including scaffolding systems, weather protection systems, suspended access and shoring systems many of which are bespoke developments for specific projects. Total claimed £113k.

£104k for Shropshire company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £104k for a company based in Shropshire. The company is a market-leading manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication products. They are able to offer a comprehensive range of services to the sheet metal consuming industries including: punching, laser cutting, precision folding, metal forming, fabrication, metal finishing, welding and painting and powder coating.

£120K first claim for limestone processing company

randd uk has procured a cash award of almost £120,000 with a first time claim for a Derbyshire-based limestone processing company. By developing new process control techniques, the company has been able to significantly reduce the amount of fuel it consumes in the process, and it has also developed new ways to use a wider variety of aggregate sizes within its processes, reducing waste and increasing yield of the final products. Additionally, developing ways to use waste products by incorporating them into existing product recipes that previously could not accept small particles has also reduced return to land numbers significantly. The company, significant exporters, produces high quality products with a wide variety of national standards to consider, but it only considered randd uk to handle its R&D Tax Credits application.