News Bulletin: 04/07/2018

£120K for Yorkshire design studio

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for almost £53k for a company based in Yorkshire. The company is a quality assured Software Development and Web Design studio that continues to create bespoke Software Development Solutions for many and varied projects. Their highly skilled technical team develops and writes all of their software from scratch, so they know all of their systems inside-out and have full control. Total claimed so far is £120k.

£427K for Derbyshire client

randd uk has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for £127k for a company based in Derbyshire. The company continue their pursuit of best performing products and tooling to enable customer manufacturing technologies. Their two divisions specialise in complimentary activities and pursue development opportunities in trusted partnerships with their customers for:

  • The production of GRP/Composite products for the rail and other industries.
  • The production of Pattern and Mould equipment for foundry and associated engineering industries.

Total claimed for this client: £427k.

£35k for e-learning software developer

randd uk has secured another successful R&D claim for £35k for a company based in London. The company has produced e-learning software to solve some of the fundamental obstacles to effective education and training, and are in the advanced stages of having a product ready for market. The advantages of the product are that it will appeal to the user, training provider and stakeholder alike in better enabling education and training material packages to be effectively and efficiently used, monitored and proven throughout the qualification period.

£30K for a Nottinghamshire-based company

randd has secured a claim in excess of £30k for a Nottinghamshire-based company specialising in energy efficiency and conservation systems across domesticated and industrial markets. Their services include the specification and development of bespoke metering control and management systems, along with an enviable reputation built up over many years for unrivalled project management and customer care.

£27K for family-owned company

A first-time claim worth £27k was well received by a Chesterfield-based, family-owned engineering company. Working with companies to produce few-offs, approaching work with open and analytical minds is a key approach. They analysed the R&D Tax Credits market and decided randd uk was the ideal partner to lead them to a successful claim.

£115k for Nottinghamshire firm

Based in Nottinghamshire, a randd uk client specialising in developing new approaches to reducing industrial heat loss through cutting-edge insulation solutions, has been awarded £62k from the R&D Tax Credits scheme. That means over the last three years this innovative company has had close on £150k returned as reward for its developments.

£115K for Chesterfield-based engineering company

A Chesterfield-based engineering company has taken its successful R&D Tax Credits total to £115k over the last three years, with a successful £34k claim this year. A niche market engineer, the company excels in many markets including pharmaceutical, oil & gas, power, rail and plastics, but it’s only in the market for working with randd uk to handle its tax credits claims.

£25k for food producer in Rochdale

A small, family food producer based in Rochdale, has been awarded £25k from its R&D Tax Credits claim. Innovative process developers, much of the development they did was to benefit third party companies who work in the meat based prepared meals arena. The company soon found out that a sure fire recipe for success was to engage randd uk to handle any Tax Credits issues.

First-time success for Chesterfield-based company

A first-time claim for a Chesterfield-based steel fabrication company has seen them collect £25k. Specialising in one-offs or low-volume runs, much of what the company does is innovative, requiring bespoke solutions to be developed to satisfy customer needs. randd uk led the company through the process with minimum client effort with no need to hammer home the advantages of working with us!

A further £56K for London-based software developer

A developer of complex rules-based systems to deal with huge amounts of massively varying data has been awarded £56k via the R&D Tax Credits scheme. This is in addition to the £78k awarded over the previous two years. The London-based developer has one rule only regarding its R&D Tax Credits Claims: work with randd uk!

£93K for Shropshire client

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £19k for a company based in Shropshire, which designs and manufactures products to assist children and adults with standing & walking development, independent mobility, cycling & leisure, and gym-based therapy. Their range of equipment brings together their own developments, with the best designs from Europe and the US. Total now claimed for this client is £93k.

Success for Lancashire client

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £58k for a company based in Lancashire, which endeavours to protect people and property through the design, development and manufacture of high-performance cable and pipe transits. These are used in high-risk maritime, offshore and land-based environments to minimise danger by preventing the spread of fire, water, gas, chemicals and other hazardous substances.

£243K for Nottinghamshire-based client

randd has delivered another R&D tax credit claim for £94k for a company based in Nottinghamshire, which manufactures tinplate components for the metals packaging sector. The total now successfully claimed by this client through randd is over £243k.

£88K for Leicestershire-based client

randd has another R&D tax credit claim for £26k for a company based in Leicestershire which develops and manufactures atmospheric control equipment for industrial and commercial premises and provides full technical backup for their products, responding to enquiries and providing input to customer designs throughout all stages of a scheme’s development. Total claimed for this client is now £88k.

£30K for Nottinghamshire-based client

randd has secured another R&D tax credit claim for just over £30k for a company based in Nottinghamshire. They provide a comprehensive service from survey, design and prototyping to manufacture, surface finishing, delivery and installation of a number of products. These include: Structural steelwork; Stairs, fire escapes and access platforms; Cat ladders, hand-railing and flooring; Platework.

Building bridges leads to £350K for one client

randd uk has secured another brilliant cash reward today for another brilliant client. This Midlands-based fabricating company specialises in building bridges: literally! Some of their projects are highly recognisable bridges and landmarks throughout England. Such structures often prove thought-provoking development, as they’re constructed in challenging environments, materials and timescales. The UK government, via randd’s assistance, has today rewarded the company over £350k for their efforts.

Success for Nottinghamshire-based steel fabricator

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £88k for a company based in Nottinghamshire. The company is a family-owned steel fabricator and continues in the development of specialist product manufacture. They constantly seek new opportunities to explore and develop emerging technology, manufacturing processes and new potential markets. With its own specialist range of products and processes, the company has grown due to its reputation of supplying unique solutions involving difficult and complex developments on-time and often exceeding needs and wants. Their products are as diverse as the market sectors they service, including construction, recycling, automotive, offshore, mining and quarrying industries and they also manufacture components for power generation in defence, civil and renewable applications. A particular specialism has been for large rotating equipment for material processing and handling. Total claimed £170k.