News Bulletin: 03/02/2017

5th year in successful claims means £300k for a happy client

randd uk have saved a client nearly £70k in tax again today. This is the 5th year running we’ve saved the same company taxes, totalling over £300k in total now. Needless to say: our client will continue to make R&D claims with us as they keep re-investing this money in new projects.

£20k for East Midlands-based engineering company

randd has helped secure a £20k cash award for an East Midlands-based engineering company. The company specialises in hardware for the installation of offshore oil, gas and wind turbine structures.

£52k back for development work of a Notts based filter manufacturer

A Nottinghamshire-based industrial filter manufacturer has successfully made its first R&D Tax Credits claim worth in excess of £52,000. Filters used in cars, ships, pipelines, food manufacture and TV sets were successfully developed by the company during the two year period under review.

£68k for Nottinghamshire client

randd uk has secured a cash award of £68k for a Nottinghamshire manufacturer. The company specialises in the manufacturing of manual handling roll cage systems.

Success for a Derbyshire-based SME

A two-employee Derbyshire-based business making high-end specialist turntables for vinyl based hi-fi systems has been awarded over £6300 in tax credits, after teaming up with randd uk. Not a record claim, but the company was delighted to discover the scheme!

£250k for Leicestershire company

A Leicestershire-based investment casting company has secured just under £100,000 in R&D Tax Credits, taking the total amount it has benefitted from, thanks to randd uk’s guidance, to well over £0.25million! Cast aside your doubts about the scheme and get in touch, it may be the most lucrative phone call you ever make.

Three years and £185k for a Derbyshire-based client

randd uk have secured an £18k cash reward for their Derbyshire-based client. The fabrication company, which specialises in the aerospace, defence and nuclear power refuelling industries, has availed of the R&D tax credit scheme for the third consecutive year – benefiting by a total £165k!

£27k for south west firm

By using the expert services of randd, our client based in South West England has secured £27k in repayable R&D tax credits.  The company is the leading supplier of specialist sample bottles in the UK for water, food and environmental analysis.

£50k for sister companies

randd uk have secured another cash award for a West Midlands manufacturer. Across the two sister companies, we have recovered nearly £50k on behalf of the directors. A nice cash boost for our client.

Millions of pounds going unclaimed in R&D Tax Credits

There are thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in manufacturing and software development throughout the UK. There is a common theme amongst them: they don’t realise they do some R&D. Check out an article written by our own Mick Keyse, Director of randd.

Sky high savings for Bedfordshire-based aviation company

randd uk have recovered over £50k in tax rebates for an aviation company (we’ve already saved them another £10k off next year’s tax bill)! This Bedfordshire-based company specialised in problem-solving in the complex area of aviation fuel and its delivery to aircraft. Its R&D projects concern the naturally high health and safety demands which airports and their authorities impose, and of course, which their staff respectfully expect. Other projects revolve around the efficiency and quality of fuel delivery.

Small or large, it makes no difference to us

A Lancashire-based double glazing company has, thanks to our leading them through the process, received just under £11k back in R&D Tax Credits for development work on ventilation and locking systems amongst other things. Just gain, no pane! (see what we did there)

£48k for a Derbyshire-based company

A Derbyshire-based business, offering a wide range of control and automation systems to industries in very diverse fields, have secured a £14k cash award.  This is the company’s third claim, and altogether they have received over £48k in R&D tax credits.

Multiyear claim means £214k for one client

randd uk have secured £68k for an engineering company specialising in supplying a diverse range of engineering solutions for complex problems.  This is the company’s fourth-year claim and our client has now gained £214k from this government-backed scheme.

What would your company do with an extra £285k?

That’s the question one of our client is facing now. We are thrilled to have secured a whopping £285k cash award for a West Midlands-based engineering company.  Earlier this year, another company within the same group received £72k in R&D tax credits, using our expert services.  The board of directors are delighted, to say the least! Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your company claim their R&D tax credits.

Multi-year tax savings leaves an engineering company with nearly £250k

randd uk have obtained another £80k tax saving for one of our regular clients. This is in addition to the £180k we recovered for them last year, so we’ve saved them over £250,000…so far! This Leicestershire-based engineering company works with all forms of metals to produce weaponry and military vehicles, as well as fabrications for the railway industry.

Major R&D haul for transport technology company

randd uk helped secure a cash award of £63k for a well-established Derbyshire company that specialises in the transport technology industry.  This was a first year claim for the company and we look forward working closely with them in the future.

Multi-year savings for Leicestershire-based engineering company

A successful £59k claim for a Leicestershire-based engineering company. This can be added to the two previous years’ claims that totalled £104k, all handled by randd uk.

£200k for Gloucestershire-based engineering company

A Gloucestershire-based engineering company has had a successful R&D tax credits claim worth £60k.  This is the company’s third claim, and using the expert services of randd uk, we have helped them to secure nearly £200k over those three claims.

Healthy R&D tax credits for vitamin firm

randd uk helped secure a £79k tax saving for their client that specialises in the manufacturing of vitamins, minerals and supplements. This is the company’s third claim, and altogether they have received over £173k in R&D tax credits.

Third time lucky

randd uk has helped a Leicester based engineering company secure a cash award of £59k. This is the company’s third claim, and altogether they have received over £163k in R&D tax credits.

First time rebate for Chesterfield manufacturer

randd uk recover a small (but welcome) tax rebate for a Chesterfield manufacturer. This was their first claim, but they are part of a larger group of companies, and now that the directors understand the ins and outs of the R&D scheme, they will be rolling out to other members in the group. More awards for them in the future we think!

randd uk passes the litmus test

A first time claimant, a Bedfordshire based high end field-based laboratory equipment manufacturer, has benefitted to the tune of almost £36k in R&D tax credits, thanks to our scientific approach to the process. Litmus test passed with flying colours.

£83k for a Leicester-based company

randd uk have secured another cash award of over £20k for our Leicester-based client.  This is in addition to the £63k we recovered for them last year.  The company specialises in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry.

Three years of R&D Tax Credits for one SME

randd uk save our client another £90k of tax this year. This small Derbyshire company specialises in bespoke electronic components manufacturing. Almost everything they make for their customers is innovative and new. This is the third year running we have assisted this client. Over the previous two years, we had recovered £55k for them, which was great, but now with the help of randd uk, the MD really understands how better to record the costs involved in each project and so together we’ve been able to boost up the amount he can claim for. Better all round this time, and will be just as good going forward.