News Bulletin: 02/04/2017

Nearly £300k in tax savings for a Warwickshire-based tooling company

randd uk secures an immediate tax saving of nearly £100k for a Warwickshire-based tooling company. This is in addition to the £185k we recovered for them last year, making the tax savings overall nearly reach £300k. Great news for the directors and staff of this company.

A massive £310k for noise insulation firm

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for over £310k for a company manufacturing and commissioning thermal and noise insulation bespoke solutions and volume production for an extensive range of applications, including white-goods, automotive and railway sectors.

£283K for container manufacturer

randd uk has secured another R&D claim for over £75 k for a company that manufactures tooling for the production of bottles and jar containers in PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and a growing range of polymer resins for the Home and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and Healthcare markets. Their specialist expertise in Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM) machine mould tooling enables them to offer prototypes, material selection trials, product colour and clarity trials, and production tool validation. This brings the total claim to £283k.

South Yorkshire-based printer first-time success

A South Yorkshire-based printer has been awarded £11,600 for their first claim after developing industry leading print management systems. The company turns round bespoke printing in 48 hours for its customers, but from randd first talking to them and introducing the R&D Tax Credits scheme to the claim being settled, it took just three weeks. The ink on the contract was hardly dry!

£43k for an East Yorkshire-based baker

Improving the processes that make sausage rolls was amongst the many developments undertaken by an East Yorkshire-based baker that earned them more than £43k from their first R&D Tax Credits claim. The claim proved to be the icing on the baker’s cake.

£182K for animal feed supplement company

A first claim worth more than £182k has been awarded to a Leicestershire-based animal feed supplement company. Having developed additives that led to significant increases in milk yields and animal fertility, the company feels like the cat that’s got the cream!

Another successful tech-company claim

A start-up company that has developed a new resource management system that can easily be used in schools, colleges and membership organisations such as leisure centres, has received in excess of £28k from its first R&D Tax Credits claim. Based in Nottingham, the client had been referred to randd by another technology-based company that had a successful claim handled by randd uk.

£96K for Merseyside firm

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for over £41k for a company based in Merseyside, which offers high precision CNC machining for volume components alongside CNC wire erosion and conventional machining and tool-room skills for the production of prototypes and sub-assemblies. This brings the total claim to just over £96k.

£19k for Health & Safety company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £19k for a company based in Yorkshire, which continues to develop, innovate and provide new solutions and products for the continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

£8k for London SME

randd uk has secured another R&D claim for £8k for a London-based company who are experts in connecting organisations to their target audience through social media to create awareness of and generate demand for a customer’s brand, products and services.

£46k first time claim for Barnsley-based company

randd uk has guided a Barnsley-based engineering company, working in areas as diverse as prestige building renovations to developing sub-sea solutions for the oil and gas industry, towards an award of over £46k for its first R&D Tax Credits claim.

£114k for Midlands company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £43k for a company based in the Midlands specialising in manufacturing and installing machined and fabricated engineering goods. This brings the total successfully claimed by randd  to £114K.

£214k for Yorkshire-based company 

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim for £73k for a Yorkshire-based company. The company specialises in rotating shaft seal product development and manufacture. This brings the claim total to almost £214k for this company.

Cutting edge firm gets £32k thanks to randd

Developing specialist and decorative knives in local Sheffield Steel has earned one randd uk client more that £32,000 in their R&D claim. Cutting edge surfer and commando knives were just a couple of the developments carried out and the company gave randd a stab of managing the claim which was carried out without any danger.

£407k for Bedfordshire IT company

randd uk has secured another R&D tax credit claim to the value of £144k for a company based in Bedfordshire. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of cabinets, racks and enclosures for IT, telecoms and data storage equipment. This brings the total claimed for the company to £407k.

£37k for a repeat London-based client

randd was able to secure another R&D tax credit claim for over £6K for a London-based client. Our client develops lifting system products and manufactures for supply, hire and repair all forms of lifting, pulling and materials handling equipment; from custom developed, special application lifting solutions, to standard hand-operated chain hoists used in the nuclear, construction, railway, mining, petrochemical, steel and power generation sectors. This brings the total amount we’ve successfully claimed for our client to almost £37k.

£16k for Nottinghamshire brewery

A Nottinghamshire brewery is toasting randd uk for helping them to receive a first claim, worth almost £16,500.  Innovative process improvements were at the heart of the claim. Cheers all round for a job well done.

Doncaster firm hoovers up £42k

Developing cutting edge mini vacuum extractors has seen a Doncaster-based company rewarded with a first R&D Tax Credits claim worth in excess of £42,000. The company didn’t have to dig too deep to come up with randd uk as the organisation to process the claim, and randd ensured every bit of the credits due were hoovered up.

£106k for a Midlands manufacturer

randd has secured a tax credit claim for almost £35k for repeat client, a company based in the Midlands that manufactures and supplies quality bespoke filtration products. This brings the total claimed for this company to in excess of £106k.

Nearly half a million pounds for one happy client

randd uk has secured £170k in tax savings for a company based in the North West of England that specialises in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining all forms of high, medium and low voltage switches.  This brings the total claims for this company to a massive £490k.

£65k and counting

randd uk has has secured almost another £18k for an existing client: a Lancashire-based company that manufactures, installs, maintains, repairs and refurbishes switchgear, predominantly the circuit breakers therein, also specialising in assisting companies with retrofitting. This brings total amount returned to this company to £65k.

£105k for Leicester firm

A first time claim recovered £105,000 for a Leicester-based casing solution developer. Working to create safe and secure ways to transport high value or delicate equipment used in medical and scientific, motorsports, aerospace and exhibitions amongst many other areas, selecting randd uk to handle its claim was as straightforward as an open and shut case.

£2k for small software company

randd uk is happy to work with companies both large and small, and a £2000 claim for an extremely small Sheffield-based software organisation, whilst on the low side, was received with glee by the company.

£12k for Northamptonshire family firm

A small family toolmaking company based in Northamptonshire received in excess of £12,000 from their first claim. The company learned of the scheme and approached randd uk to handle their claim and they were delighted with the outcome.

£11k for Liverpool firm

A Liverpool heating element manufacturer received almost £11,000 for its second R&D claim to add to the £28,000 recovered a year ago. Developing ever more complex and ever more fuel efficient products is an everyday task within the company which showed plenty of energy in its work with randd uk to ensure a successful claim was lodged.

£58k for Chesterfield-based engineering company

A Chesterfield-based engineering company was delighted to see almost £58,000 come back their way. Projects varying from developing quick change tooling for the hot metal extrusion industry in the USA to creating extremely small but precise parts for high-end vinyl record turntables formed part of the claim. It may not be a record claim, but the client really got into the groove and worked very well with randd uk to ensure the claim was successful.