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Advice In Brief: Why Use A Specialist When Claiming Research and Development Tax Credits?

Author: Gareth Smyth

When making a R&D Tax Credits claim, it is important to maximise the potential claim value and ensure that all expenditure is considered and submitted.

A dedicated agent will employ highly experienced consultants with experience in working with a wide range industry sectors. This gives them expertise to identify what claimants themselves may not recognise as eligible, and in many cases, what other agents or accountants won’t see or even be looking for.

At randd, our experienced team have filed over 1,000 cases since inception with a 100% success rate. We look to maximise the size of each claim and get the best returns possible for our clients. By working directly with HMRC on our clients’ behalf, ensuring that they can focus their time and effort on their business.

We have a proven track record that has demonstrated that we can help our clients claim back up to 9 times more value compared to an alternative R&D agent, their accountants, or through a self-submission.

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