2018… the year of innovation! Give your business a health kick with these six top tips for healthy profits. Whether you’re a small / medium enterprise (SME) or a large company, 2018 is the year for growth and success.


Streamline your business

Make your business more efficient to save money and time in the future. Spend some time developing how your business operates and find ways to improve this process. For example, incorporate new machinery or management system software into your daily activities.


Invest in new technology

Research and develop new products and push boundaries by investing in new technologies. Don’t settle for second place, become a market leader in your industry.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Improve your products and processes to become more energy efficient and reduce wastage.


Research legislation

Check that you’re compliant with legislation. Ensure the safety of your staff and customers by meeting health and safety standards.


Improve customer experience

Go the extra mile for your customers and offer tailored solutions and bespoke products for individuals.


Claim R&D tax credits

R&D tax credits are a government incentive to encourage UK companies in any sector to invest in research and development. Make your investment in innovation sustainable and reinvest in R&D to become a market leader in your industry. With randd uk, you don’t have to pay anything until a successful claim has been made. The claim is retrospective so you can claim R&D tax credits for up to two previous tax years. Contact randd uk today to reward your innovation.